We are privileged to be able to assist our families on their journey of healing. Below are some comments from people who have visited Seasons Centre.

“I feel like when I’m around other people who have had the same feelings I have, it helps me get those weights off my shoulders – you’re not alone. It’s been a great experience.” – Past Participant

“It -childhood grief- is hard (and heartbreaking), it needs to be dealt with in a way that works for the child, it doesn’t go away… it just changes over time.” – Past Participant

“Being around equals is calming because no one can make fun of you for anything that has to do with your loved one.” – Past Participant

“I enjoy being with other parents and our discussions. Everyone is supportive and non-judgemental. I always feel welcome.” – Past Participant

“The buddies at the Centre are really fun. They play lots of games with us and sometimes we just hang out and talk. It makes me feel safe. I also like the crafts and activities we do; especially the ones that make me think happy things about my dad.” – Past Participant

“This has helped me in so many ways, just even to sit and listen to someone else share their challenges. To have a place to feel comfortable to talk about the things you couldn’t say to friends and family.” – Past Participant

“Heartbreak Pots was the best activity we did. Because we were able to put back a pot as though we were putting our emotions back together.” – Past Participant

“This is a place that understands me where I feel no one does. I can participate or sit back and absorb.” – Past Participant

“My child feels like he has found a place where people ‘get his world’. He has a place where he can release his energy in a safe, understanding environment.” – Past Participant

“Grief comes in waves and not being okay is okay. Its okay to cry and to feel any emotions. Grief gets easier with time but there are still going to be rough patches to overcome.” – Past Participant

“Having a sense of community and a place where I can turn to when I have questions, concerns, or need to vent has benefited me.” – Past Participant

“I learned that grief affects a lot of people physically and mentally, and I learned many different ways to express them, such as talking, writing, etc.” – Past Participant

“Group has helped me not to be sad all the time, and when you are sad to do something that helps like draw a picture or look at a picture of my mom.” – Past Participant

“Being around people similar situations and growing friendships through group and I know I always have someone to talk to.” – Past Participant