As a volunteer grief facilitator you work with children in support groups at the Centre. You would be placed in a group with the same volunteer team and children for the season. Our season runs from September- June. Interested volunteers are required to make a one year commitment to working with their assigned groups which are once a week and every other week. This equals out to twice a month, which is four hours altogether.

Prospective volunteers are required to have an in-person interview, complete an application form, provide three references, a criminal record search and vulnerable sector search as well as sign an authorization and confidentiality agreement. If the interview goes well, volunteers are required to attend a general orientation which includes: history of the Centre, including mission, vision and values, review of policies and procedures specific to the Centre and volunteering (attendance, reporting, dual relationships/boundaries, mandatory reporting, etc.), OH & S materials (including harassment/violence, infection control) & AODA training. Following orientation is our three day grief facilitator training program specifically related to their volunteer duties.

If you are interested in this very special and rewarding position, we will need the following:

  • Three written references
  • A criminal reference check
  • A completed questionnaire
  • A bi-weekly time commitment
  • Your participation in a 35 hour training program

Please contact Paula Coulter, Program Services Manager at [email protected] or 705.721.5437 ext. 200 for more information.