The following are a number of books that are excellent resources to refer to for additional support.

Books for Children:

  • Brown, L.K. (1996). When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death
  • Karst, Patrice (2000). The Invisible String
  • Kennedy, Joan & Dianne Dekkers (2012). What Does Not Ever Mean?
  • Kennedy, Joan & Christy Hamill (2011). What is Suicide Anyways?
  • MacArthur, H.C. Henry and Harriet
  • Mellonie, B. & Robert Ingpen (1983). Lifetimes: A Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children
  • Papageorge, Tiffany (2014). My Yellow Balloon
  • Peterkin, Allan M.D. What About Me? When Brothers and Sisters Get Sick
  • Viorst, Judith. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
  • Varley, Susan. Badger’s Parting Gifts

Books for Teens:

  • Chalifour, Francis (2005). After.
  • Gootman, Marilyn E. (2005). When a Friend Dies
  • Grollman, Earl & Max Malikow (1999). Living When a Young Friend Commits Suicide
  • Kuklin, Susan (1994). After a Suicide: Young People Speak Up

Books for Adults Living/Dealing with Grieving Children and Teens:

  • Coloroso, Barbara (1999). Parenting through Crisis
  • Fitzgerald, Helen. The Grieving Child (A Parent’s Guide)
  • Johnson, Joy. Keys to Helping Children Deal with Death & Grief
  • McCue & Bonn. How to Help Children Through a Parent’s Serious Illness
  • Nussbaum, Ness, RN, MS. Preparing the Children
  • Parkin, Rebecca & Karen Dunne-Maxim (1995). Child Survivors of Suicide: A Guidebook for Those Who Care for Them
  • Rubel, Barbara (2000). But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: For Parents and Professionals Helping Child Suicide Survivors
  • Wolfelf, Alan. Healing a Child’s Grieving Heart

Our Program Director, Joan Kennedy, co-wrote a few exceptional resources for you and your family. These titles are for sale at the Centre for $15 each. If you are interested in purchasing one of these titles please contact Joan at [email protected]