“Sometimes I feel like I’m different at school, but here I know that everyone understands” – Past Participant

At Seasons Centre for Grieving Children our groups are based on a peer support model. Whenever possible, participants are grouped by age and similar circumstances around the death (such as accidental, suicide, or prolonged illness). This model  provides participants an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with peers who are living with a similar experience. For a grieving child or teen, one of the greatest frustrations may be a lack of understanding or supportive people outside their own family.

For an initial consultation, please call the Program Department at 705.721.5437. Staff will gather information regarding the child, or children, and the family member who is terminally ill or deceased.

As appropriate, an intake will be scheduled with the child and caregiver at the Centre. They will tour our facilities and learn more about our services. Individuals will be invited into the most suitable group based upon the age of the participant and nature of the death or terminal illness.