NEW!! Hope Around Town!

I’m Hope – Seasons Centre for Grieving Children’s symbol of hope!

You will be able to come to meet me and take pictures with me at various locations around the community! I will find my way home to Horseshoe Resort on January 21st from 9 am to 9 pm, where Samantha and Jessica spent countless fun-filled hours and will take place on Samantha’s 41st birthday! This will be a wonderful, first of many, “HOPE AROUND TOWN” events, spreading awareness of how hope can be the light in the muddled journey of grief. Seasons Centre strives to normalize conversations about grief and provides a compassionate support team, program peers and hope. Painful grief journeys can also be accompanied by a life filled with, love, joy and endless possibilities.

To learn more about Hope Around Town and her upcoming events click here.

After meeting me, you will appreciate why my namesake has been used in these ways. My name Hope showcases to children that there is hope for a brighter future. Hope represents that out of the chaos, confusion and the big feelings of grief, that life will get better. Hope embodies that the intensity of emotional pain lessens but does not go away. Hope occurs when shared with others who have experienced a similar situation. Hope can be found somewhere between sorrow and joy.

To read about my story click here!

We will have various events throughout the year, become a Hope Around Town Buddy Volunteer! Click here.

If you would like Hope to come visit your business or organization, please contact [email protected].

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