Our children’s programs are for participants ages 5-12, with groups meeting biweekly for 1 1/2 hours. The group begins with an opening circle and an activity. Activities are designed to help explore and openly discuss emotions and challenges the children may be feeling in their grief process. Activities also provide the necessary tools to help children cope with intense emotions.

Children tend to be energetic in their grief. The Centre has a specially designed program area that provides areas or rooms that the children can safely diffuse some of their physical energy, express themselves creatively, or work through some of their emotions and questions in areas such as a dress up or medical play station.

What About Me?
For children living with an immediate family member who has a terminal illness

Sons and Daughters
For children who have had a primary caregiver die due to illness or accident

For children who are grieving the death of a sibling

Child Survivors of Suicide
For children who have had a parent or sibling die by suicide

Camp Skein (in collaboration with Camp Maple Leaf)
A week long overnight bereavement/friendship camp for children.