Education Day

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We are proud to present our VIRTUAL Educational Day on Childhood Trauma: A Hopeful Story.

Join us on Thursday, April 15th as we explore childhood trauma, the impact trauma has on our children, tips + approaches we as service providers, educations and parents/caregivers can take to mitigate the impact of early trauma.

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
Cost $75.00

Learning Goals:
•What is early childhood trauma?
•What is its impact on kids?
•What is the physiological impact on the brain development?
•What can we do in our daily practice as service providers, educators, and parents to mitigate the impact of early trauma?
•Are there specific tools or approaches that I can use to help kids feel safe?
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Join Dr. Stuart Shanker for an enlightening learning experience that will change the way you think about children and the challenges they face, including grief and trauma. Rooted in decades of neuroscience, Shanker Self-Regulation is about understanding, not managing behaviour.
Dr. Shanker (D.Phil), is the founder/CEO of the MEHRIT Centre.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Ben Kline: The Impact of Early Trauma on the Developing Brain
Dr. Kline is currently a part-time Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University. He is also a Developmental Pediatrician and Medical Director at Lansdowne Children’s Centre in Brantford and a Consultant Pediatrician at Brantford General Hospital.
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: (must pick one with daytime registration)
• Loss/Grief Michelle Harris, MSW, RSW, Certified Clinical Traumatologist
• Intergenerational Trauma Gertie Beaucage
• Balancing Demands/Managing Expectations Dr. Jennifer Saltzman-Benaiah
• When Addiction Invites Trauma to Join the Family: Anticipating Consequences to Create Hope Valerie Good, M.Div., B.A., R.P. and Lyle Peterson, MSW, RSW
• Childhood Abuse A disclosure has been made – Now What? Samantha Ward and Sue Van Yzendoorn

Evening Session
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FREE with registration

DR. STUART SHANKER Building Resilience through Self-Regulation: Neuroscience shows us ways to support all children.
Tool Kit Treasure Hunt – collect ideas for simple, low-cost activities parents can do with kids

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