Volunteers are the essence of Seasons Centre. They generously give of their time and skills to make an important difference in the life of a child or teen who is grieving the death or impending death of an immediate family member.  Most, but not all, of our volunteers have experienced grief as children or adults. However, they all are caring individuals who understand the importance of providing support to grieving children, teens and their caregivers.

When you volunteer, it benefits the Seasons Centre as well as our community. It can also benefit you, the volunteer, in many ways. 

  • Volunteering can teach you a new skill or develop one that you already have.
  • Volunteering will help you to connect with your community and make new friends.
  • If you are a high school student, volunteering allows you to explore a career in a field that interests you plus complete your Community Service Hours.
  • You set a good example for those around you. One person can make a difference, but when that difference is multiplied, it can be life changing.

We are proud to announce that on Wednesday June 10th 2015, 9 of our volunteers received Ontario Volunteer Service Awards.  Thank you to the following volunteers.

  • Jessica Bagley-Youth Award
  • Sierra Fata-Youth Award
  • Connor Hadley-Youth Award
  • Linda Benson- 5 Years
  • Kyle Brandon-5 Years
  • Jason Duffy-5 Years
  • Laura Glass-5 Years
  • Valerie Scott- 5 Years
  • Tracie Howell- 15 Years









Thank you to all of our volunteers, you are the heart of our Centre!